Little Hands 

Little hands playing hard, grasping, grabbing and turning  Little hands exploring things, practicing and learning  Little hands that do things that maybe they shouldn’t do Ripping and drawing, messing up, learning like me and you Little hands holding mine, gripping with such affection  Little hands trusting me, strengthening our connection  Little hands getting dirty, investigating…Read more »

“When she grows up…..” 

I often look at my children and think, ‘I bet they’ll be (insert adjective here) when they grow up’, or, ‘she’s going to be so….’. I’m sure you get the idea.  I do it all the time.  I say it to my husband, to my family, mostly to myself, but I’m actually trying to stop…Read more »

Sisters, sisters… 

With a two-year-old girl and a nearly four-year-old girl, our house is usually fairly noisy to say the least. Not only are we navigating the choppy waters of tantrums (again) and trying to teach about respect, compassion and patience within our relationships, the two girls are also still learning how to live with each other. …Read more »

A thought for Christmas 

​I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that we are in full festive swing at the moment.  We have our tree, we have the girls’ stockings, we have the crib. This last week has been busy but enjoyable, what with playgroup/nursery parties and visits to Father Christmas. And obviously it goes without saying that…Read more »

New Shoes

​A couple of weeks ago we went to the shoe shop. We bought something that I am half ready to accept and half not. Something that always seemed like it was really far off into the future.  We bought school shoes.  Gorgeous, little black school shoes with discreet shiny diamonds near the front and a…Read more »